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Why do you need to use a VPN
— Extra security: encrypted VPN connection prevents eavesdropping
— Anononymous browsing: bypass censorship, hide your IP and location information
— Safe WiFi browsing: VPN prevents traffic sniffing over public hotspots
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  • 1. Perfect service More than 18 servers in 14 countries of the world, running 24/7 without any interruptions and set up for tunneling and encrypting all of your network activity. The VPNGlobe staff monitors the whole system day and night to make sure it works perfectly.
  • 2. Reliable servers VPNGlobe is a trustworthy partner – you may fully rely upon us. We neither keep any logs nor perform any activity logging for the individual users. Our main goal and task is to provide a 100 percent confidential service, so you shall feel yourself protected.
  • 3. System flexibility Our engineers apply maximum efforts to create a flexible and convenient service. Available today. You can enjoy a range of connection options, including PPTP or OpenVPN technologies, and you may also take advantage of a unique dual tunneling technology, called DoubleVPN.
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