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Why do you need to use a VPN
— Extra security: encrypted VPN connection prevents eavesdropping
— Anononymous browsing: bypass censorship, hide your IP and location information
— Safe WiFi browsing: VPN prevents traffic sniffing over public hotspots


Why do I need the VPN connection (VPN)?

In the present-day world information is the all-deciding factor. Interception of valuable information by an unwanted party might lead to the most unpleasant consequences. The encrypted VPN connection technology helps preserve integrity, anonymity and privacy of your interactions on the Internet. Your data, logins, passwords, browser history, e-mail and instant messages will never become known to hackers, dishonest Internet service providers or network administrators, your colleagues, etc.

How does the VPN connection work?

It's quite simple. You just need to download a special software from our website. It is called a VPNGlobe GUI. This software is available for many different operating systems – Windows, MacOS and Linux. This software is easy to install and use. Just enter your account credentials and create an encrypted Internet connection. All of the transmitted data (all Internet traffic) shall be completely protected against interception, thanks to the reliable 256-bit encryption.

Also, if you have the necessary experience, you may set up a VPN connection yourself (without using the VPNGlobe GUI software). Our servers support the following standards: PPTP and OpenVPN.

Shall VPN connection reduce my available bandwidth?

Normally, this does not happen. In some cases the overall bandwidth may actually be increased. Such effect is possible because of a special compression algorithm applied to all data that is transmitted through the VPN channel, in addition to the regular data encryption.

My Internet services provider is blocking ports number 25 / 110 / Skype / SMTP / torrents / any other Shall this problem be resolved by using VPNGlobe?

Yes, definitely. An outgoing connection is established on a regular port 443 (there is a 99.999% probability that your ISP has it open, because it is the standard port for all web browsing activities). After the VPN connection is established, all restrictions imposed by your ISP are removed.

My Internet services provider is blocking social networks like Facebook / VKontakte / Livejournal / Myspace and others. Shall this problem be resolved by using VPNGlobe?

Yes, definitely. Your ISP will never know that you are visiting these websites.

Shall my Internet services provider be blocking access to the VPNGlobe? Is your service legal?

No, it will not block your access. Our sites are set up in such a way that your ISP will never know that you are actually using a VPN connection to the VPNGlobe. Making use of a VPN connection is 100 percent legal. No one can forbid you doing this.

Do you keep records, statistics or logs (log files), that reflect the activity of your clients?

No, definitely. We do not keep such records. All our servers have the logging feature disabled (no log files are stored). This is our core policy – provide maximum privacy protection for our clients. But this should not be treated as an incentive to commit any unlawful activity.

In which countries do you host your servers? Which IP address blocks, assigned to countries, may I use after a VPN connection is established?

At present, our technical backbone includes servers in the USA, Germany, England, Romania, Luxemburg, Italy, Malaysia, Egypt, Netherlands and Panama. We are constantly putting new server sites into operation.

What is a Double VPN?

Double VPN is the name of our technology, which was specifically developed to ensure additional privacy of communication. It is intended for the most experienced users. Essentially, this system works as follows: connection is established to one of our servers, which, in turn, establishes another VPN connection to another VPN server. As the result, we get a double VPN chain. Traffic encryption is provided on two different channels simultaneously.

How much does the VPNGlobe VPN service cost?

You may find all the pricing information and tariff plans on the corresponding web page. Today our company provides the highest quality service while keeping prices among the lowest on the market.

How can I pay for the VPN access? Is there any delay between the payment and service activation?

After you pay for the selected tariff plan, your VPN access service is activated immediately. For example, you may use WebMoney Transfer and other payment options from your personal VPNGlobe cabinet. If you are not satisfied with the service, we guarantee you a complete refund, but no later than 24 hours after the order is made.