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Why do you need to use a VPN
— Extra security: encrypted VPN connection prevents eavesdropping
— Anononymous browsing: bypass censorship, hide your IP and location information
— Safe WiFi browsing: VPN prevents traffic sniffing over public hotspots

PPTP VPN Setup for Windows XP

1. Select "Control Panel" in "Start" menu.

2. Click on the "Network Connections" icon.

3. Select create a new connection.

4. Click "Next".

5. Select "Connect to the network at my workplace".

6. Select "Virtual Private Network connection".

7. Enter connection name.

8. Enter desired server IP address.

9. Tick the "Add a shortcut..." checkbox and click "Next".

10. Launch the connection shortcut.

11. Enter your username and password. Don't forget to append "@vpnglobe.com" after your username. Then click "Connect" and wait until connection is established.